Welcome to Aikido

Thank you for your interest in Aikido! We're excited to have you here and hope to meet you soon. Below is some basic information but please contact us if you have any questions.

Beginning Aikido

Before beginning Aikido with us, you are asked to come along to the dojo to watch a class to see the practice for yourself. This is in line with the traditional etiquette of a ‘Do’ or way, where students were originally required to have a recommended letter of introduction to support their request to commit to training under a master. Although Sugano Shihan, our master, has since passed away, we aspire to uphold the traditional values of the art. In passing on Sugano Shihan’s legacy, we ask potential students to contemplate their decision to study Aikido carefully, and should they be interested to begin, to take their commitment to training with us seriously.


Before starting practice, you are required to complete a membership form for Aiki-Kai (Australia), and pay a membership fee. As a member of Aiki Kai Australia you will have direct access to the three national Shihans, all appointed 7th dan by Sugano Sensei. You may also attend the national schools and special Technical and Teaching seminars, run by members of the national Tehnical and Teaching Committee. All gradings will be conducted before an official grading panel, and any gradings you receive are recognised by the Aikido World Headquarters in Japan, and all international Aiki Kai organisations in the world. The membership fee includes some personal accident insurance coverage. Further details are included on the membership form here. A training fee is payable to the dojo, which may be daily or by the month depending upon how much you wish to train. If you have any financial constraints (unemployed, financial commitments etc), you may discuss this further with the National Area Representitive For all details on fees please find here or to discuss with us directly contact us.


It is not necessary to buy a training uniform (gi) or weapons when you commence practice. A beginner can wear any loose clothing – track pants and a top is ideal. Jewellery must be removed for practice. Cleanliness is important. Hands and feet should be clean when coming to practice. It is customary to bring thongs to class to wear from the changing room to the mat – do not walk onto the mat with dirty feet. At the end of the class students are encouraged to help clean the mat and complete any small duties at the instructor’s discretion. The dojos are run on voluntary basis and any support that can be offered from students is appreciated.


Kids may train from as young as 9 yrs old at Fremantle Dojo. The minimum age for children at Leederville is 8 yrs old. Please contact us for more details.



Getting Started

As a beginner you are free to join in with any of the classes on the schedule on condition you have watched a class or practiced Aikido before. You will be paired with an experienced partner for introductory exercises. You may be asked to sit and watch some of the activities that would be inappropriate for a beginner. You are not required to participate in any exercise that may make you feel uncomfortable – and you should not feel compelled to do so. You should let your training partner or instructor know that you do not feel ready to try anything that you are not comfortable with. It is vital that you let your instructor know if you have any injury or difficulty with particular movements. Please contact us for more details.


Fees and Forms

For a full list of fees and forms required, please see this page - Fees and Forms

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