Membership Fees

Aikido WA is a not-for-profit association and is a branch of Aiki Kai Australia, the National Aikido Association of Australia. By completing the membership form and payment of membership fee, the student becomes a recognised member of Aiki Kai Australia and all teaching and gradings received by the student are under direct lineage of the official World Aikido Headquarters, Hombu Dojo, Japan.

Schedule of Membership/Studentship Types and Fees

Family: This fee is for any family unit. To calculate the family fee, total up to three of the most expensive individual membership fees. The family fee is 80% of that total OR a maximum yearly fee total of $330.00 whichever is less, see the table below.

Student & Concession: The student/concession fee applies to members who are full time students OR receiving Government assistance entitling them to a Health Benefits Card.

Junior: The junior fee applies to students aged under 16 years.

Special: This applies to existing members (in any membership category) who move to a location where regular training is difficult. The state Area Representative has the discretion to waive up to 80% of the normal membership fees.

Combined Annual Renewal Fees for Aiki Kai (Australia) & The Sugano Foundation

Note: Pro Rata Fees to 1 July apply to new memberships only. Prices inc GST. Current through to June 2018.

Membership Fees Adult Student Family (Max) Junior Concession
Annual Renewal $238.00 $131.00 $334.00 $95.00 $131.00
Jul-Aug $238.00 $131.00 $334.00 $95.00 $131.00
Sep-Oct $198.00 $109.00 $278.00 $80.00 $109.00
Nov-Dec $159.00 $87.00 $223.00 $63.00 $87.00
Jan-Feb $119.00 $66.00 $167.00 $48.00 $66.00
Mar-Apr $79.00 $44.00 $111.00 $32.00 $44.00
May-Jun $60.00 $33.00 $84.00 $24.00 $33.00
New Student Interim Rate (2 months) $60.00 $33.00 $84.00 $24.00 $33.00
University Dojo - $95.00 per year or $48.00 per semester

Interim (two-month) memberships are available to allow you to try Aikido without committing to a full year.


For further information regarding current rates as well as Membership Forms, Member's Protection Policy, Accident Reports or the Anti-Doping Policy, please see the National Website


Training Fees

Aikido WA is a voluntary-based, not-for-profit association and all training fees go towards the upkeep of the dojos and costs associated with running of the dojos.  Due to the different schedule structures, please see below for relative dojo fees:


Leederville Dojo
Adult - $125 per month for all classes
Concession - $85 per month for all classes
Juniors (under 16 years) - $60 per month for all classes

Juniors-specific Classes - $40 per month (up to three classes per week)

Family - 80% of Adult/Concession/Junior fees for family members (up to 3 members)


Fremantle Dojo

Adult - $80 per month for all classes
Concession - $60 per month for all classes

Juniors (under 16 years) - $50 per month for all classes

Family - 80% of Adult/Concession/Junior fees for family members (up to 3 members) 


Gradings Syllabus


Glossary of Terminology & Senior Grading Syllabus


Junior Kyu Grading Syllabus


For all queries regarding test application forms, or Shodan and above Gradings, please refer to the National Website.








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